About me

A typical movie runs at the rate 24 frames per second. This is how many your eye needs to perceive it as a constant movement. So the rumor goes, if you make a movie with 25 frames per second, you cannot consciously perceive the 25th frame anymore. But your unconsciousness captures it. It sticks to your memory and influences you, so this technique can be used as a very powerful tool of propaganda. As far as I know, this is nothing but a rumor, but the idea is fascinating.

The purpose of my movie review blog is to uncover the ’25th frame’ – what is hidden beneath the surface of the movie? What is the message?

I am an amateur (hence the title), so this is primarily done for my own enjoyment.

Occasionally,  I might post some of my university assignments, but I will try to keep them cinema related. I am currently 21 and studying at Maastricht University.

Happy reading!


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Kai says:

    Very interesting idea. Keep it on =)

  2. Thorodinn says:

    Hey there,
    cool inspirational story.
    although I have one question,
    games usually run at 60 frames per second, how would this work then? 🙂

    for the rest I really like your blog, it’s structural and clean with a clear goal.

    keep it up!


    • Well, 24 is the minimum needed to create an impression of movement. It’s usually the television, etc standard. So if you want to have 60 frames, it’s probably because the quality of the video increases, and it probably means that you can insert more than one “25th frames” into one second.
      I mean, 24 frames per second is the “traditional” standard, nowadays they use more, I think. I haven’t entirely finished this section, but thanks for commenting. 😀

  3. arena23 says:

    Very nice reviews you have here! Interesting idea 🙂

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