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POSSESSION (1981): Blood, slime and Isabelle Adjani

If there is a movie deserving the tag ‘psychological horror’, it is Possession. Here the protagonist’s inner evil takes on a living form of a wiggling slimy creature. She goes on a killing spree to keep him alive. That is, when they are not having sexual intercourse. And, of course, there is the famous subway passage scene in which Isabelle Adjani’s character miscarries her own faith. She is rolling in milk, blood, piss, mucus and every other bodily liquid you can imagine. The role earned Adjani ‘The Best Actress’ award at the Cannes Film Festival, yet she claims she is never going to play a similar role again. Possession is two hours of hysterical wailing right into your face. It’s a movie of excess and about emotional excess. The watching experience can only be compared to Antichrist (2009) – except the latter doesn’t have the extraordinary performance of Isabelle Adjani. Continue reading

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