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WALTZ WITH BASHIR (2008): Guilt and Denial

In 1982, Ari Folman was a 19 year old Israeli soldier in Lebanon, a country torn by a civil war. Now he is film director and a Golden Globe award winner. Waltz with Bashir (2008) was nominated for Oscar and received 38 another wins and 24 nominations. Banned in Lebanon and praised elsewhere for its novelty, the movie is especially remarkable for erasing the boundary between the real and imaginary. Based on real events of the 1982 Lebanon War and including witness accounts, it is also an animated movie. Waltz with Bashir is often labeled as a war documentary, but it is not a movie about war. At its center is the story of Ari Folman in search for his lost memories about what happened during the night of the massacre in the Sabra-Shatila refugee camp. Seeing it as a documentary would mean overlooking its artistic beauty; seeing it as a piece of fiction would mean taking away most of its strength.  Continue reading

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